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Category: KORPORAT
Published Date Written by Altfa Support Team

  (2 YEARS)

  • Getting support from the Government to implement programs and activities that will convince the Federal Government to approve the hiring of additional staff, increase financial allocations and improve infrastructure
  • LPPKN redeploy in the implementation of the program and strengthen its corporate image in the new millennium
  • Creation of structured coordination mechanism for the implementation of state and district levels
  • Enhance cooperation with relevant agencies through strategic cooperation and smart partnership in implementing programs in the areas of family life, training and education, and research and development
  • Encourage education and dissemination of information on family life through the use of information and communication technology (ICT)
  • Develop ongoing mechanisms as a way to support quality of service and professionalism that production can be maintained at a standard that has been set.




  • Organizing campaigns to implement the values ​​for the position Malaysia as a country that has its own identity and integrity;
  • Promote important issues related to population, family and reproductive human development among policy makers and program planners;
  • Building a network of 29 Family Welfare complexes throughout the country;
  • Strengthen the role of regional centers of excellence LPPKN as through strategic change programs in developing countries through South-South cooperation and twinning programs with relevant institutions in developed countries;
  • Review, improve and develop the products and programs in line with the current needs of the family;
  • Conducting research and studies in the field of population, family and reproductive human development, when its findings will provide important input for central agencies and other relevant authorities;
  • Build a team of highly trained and competent staff at all levels to implement the programs and activities developed by LPPKN;
  • Strengthen LPPKN as resource and referral center to serve the local community.


  (10 YEARS)

  • Creating quality population through institutional strengthening families healthy and prosperous;
  • Strengthening the characteristics of the people that glorious individuality Malaysia that can be realized;
  • Increase awareness of policy makers and program planners to policies family-friendly;
  • Making the Complex Family Welfare as a local family service excellence;
  • Strengthen coordination mechanisms, monitoring and evaluation as policy and program improvements Population, Family and Reproductive Health Development;
  • Improve linkages between LPPKN together international organizations, government agencies, NGOs and institutions of higher learning.
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