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Family And Marriage Counseling Services


Marriage counseling is a form of psychotherapy for a married couple. Counselling involves a helping relationship process between a counselor face to face with a married couple who try to solve the problems associated with their relationship. Marriage counseling helps married couples to manage or deal with their problems in a more effective so that they can prevent small problems from becoming big and serious.

In the process of family and marriage counseling, usually focusing on the role of counselor, communication patterns, the goal to be achieved by members of the family or marriage partner (client) involved. Counselors help clients assess the positive and negative aspects of their relationship and help them understand that the issue of family or marriage, family or husband and wife contribute to the formulation and solution of problems. Hence, they need to learn to understand, interact and practice change as a more effective approach to address their problems.


Family counseling is a technique of psycho terapuetic to explore and modify the current emotional problems are interrelated in a system with the help of family members in the family system to change their interaction patterns that do not work "Goldenberg and Goldenberg (2002: 133).

In the process of counseling the family members helped to improve their relationship with each other. Changes taking place will lead to the development and growth of family members. During the counseling process, the family members deal with conflict and helped to resolve conflicts productively faced so to the two individuals and families grow, prosperous and 'fertile'.


Monday - Thursday
  : 8.00 am- 1.00 pm
  : 2.00 pm- 5.00 pm
  : 8.00 am- 12.15 pm
  : 2.45 pm- 5.00 pm
TEL : 03-26937555 EXT. 2162, 2164
FAX : 03-26945458
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